3 weeks in

Tray 1. 19 days down, 230 days to go

So I’m coming to the end of my first set of aligners. My teeth have shifted a bit, my tongue and the plastic braces have called a truce, I’ve developed a few bad habits, I’ve found my Invisalign twin, and I’m nervous about my impending tooth attachments.

I’ve also decided to add  counter to my iGoogle homepage so I can mark on my blog posts how far along I am. 230 days from now will be Christmas day, which is a little longer than my treatment is supposed to take, but I’ve added a buffer just in case. It’ll also make a nice Christmas pressie 🙂

So. A brief update. My teeth have definitely moved, and I can pop my trays in and out fairly easily. I’ve even taken them out for lunch at my desk at work when no one has been looking…. I can’t see a difference yet (that would be expecting a bit much after only one set of trays!) but the trays don’t feel horribly tight any more and my bite feels a bit odd when I take them out so I’m assuming they’ve done their job.

My mouth is no longer at war with the aligners, which is great. There were a couple of days early on when I couldn’t wait to get the things out of my mouth because some niggly bit of plastic had made a nuisance of itself. But I’m happy to report that my Bonjela use has now dropped considerably, probably due to repeated use of a nail file to deal with the few pointy bits of plastic on the braces. I guess there will be fewer of those as my teeth become straighter, so hopefully I won’t have to attack every set of aligners I get…. I’ve also stopped sucking at the braces so much, which for some reason bcame a bit of a habit for the first week or so.

You’re supposed to wear each set of trays for two weeks, and I’ve had these for nearly three, which has unfortunately meant I’ve been bending the rules a bit. To make sure the aligners do their job, you’re meant to wear them for at least 21 hours a day. Because I’ve seen everything beyond the 14-day mark as ‘extra’ for this set of braces, I’ve had a few days when I’ve had them out for far longer than three hours. Which is bad. And has meant they’ve felt quite a bit tighter when I put them back in than when I’ve only had them out for an hour or so. But when I’m back on the proper regime with my new sets I’m sure I’ll click right back into the good habits and ensure my mouth is plastic-free for now longer than 180 minutes a day….

My Invisalign twin's blog (click)

What else…ah yes! My Invisalign twin! I was trawling around on the web during my lunch break the other day, and came across this blog. It’s written by Annie, a fellow Londoner who also recently started Invisalign treatment. She’s also about my age, and I’m pretty sure is having her treatment at the same clinic as me (I only know that because she mentioned she took advantage of a one-day-only Invisalign deal she saw back in February – I did exactly the same). Oh, and her appointment to get her second set of trays is the same day as mine! Coinci-dental, huh…(get it?! such a comedian…)

Speaking of my next appointment, I’m a little apprehensive. I’m due to get my attachments and the next few sets of trays on 10 May, but from what I’ve read a lot of people have trouble getting the trays in and out when they first get the attachments fitted. If you’re getting attachments fitted, I found this account helpful in explaining what would happen, and this video.

I’m due to get four attachments altogether – three on the top and one on the bottom. The top tray has been easier to get in and out so far, so hopefully once I get the hang of it it won’t be too bad. I dread the thought of being stuck at work and unable to get them out and passing out from lack of food…… I joke, but I’ve found the food thing a bit of a pain. I don’t usually have a big breakfast (usually just a banana when I get into work) but I have a long commute and leave the house at 7am. I’ve not been bothering with breakfast because it’s a massive faff to take the trays out, then brush my teeth and clean the trays after eating all for the sake of a lousy banana, so I’ve been skipping breakfst and having the banana with my lunch. Unfortunately this does mean I’m usually falling asleep by lunchtime. I’m sure I’ll work something out but I’m hoping getting the attachments won’t make things too much harder.

Anyways, I’ll take pics to add to the gallery and let y’all know how it goes after Tuesday.

Ta ra for now


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